World Youth News

World Youth News Toolkit

Resources for supporting youth journalism programming

CNN Student News: CNN Student News is designed for use and high school classrooms. The High School Journalism site includes a plethora of resources for educators and students., including examples of  journalism lesson plans, teaching tips, and a list of books and DVD’s.

Newseum Digital Classroom: The Newseum is an interactive museum of news and journalism who’s mission is to “help the public and the news media understand one another better”. The museum hosts a digital classroom with videos and resources to aid educators on various journalism subjects.

PBS Newshour Extra: News for students and teacher resources (junior and secondary level); the site also includes lesson plans and news created by youth. The site also hosts the Student Reporting Labs.  Student Reporting Labs connect students with a network of public broadcasting mentors, an innovative journalism curriculum and an online collaborative space to develop digital media, critical thinking and communication skills while producing original news reports for PBS NewsHour Extra.

Principals of Journalism: is a Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism; they host key information and facts on journalism.

WikiHow: How to be a youth Journalist: A 7-step process on “How to Become a Youth Journalist”. There are also pages on “How to Start a School Newspaper” and How to Become a TV Reporter or News Anchor”.