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Young Tajik SolderIn Tajikistan, many teenagers do not want to go to the army, even though the army has made it obligatory.
According to the law, every man in Tajikistan between the age of 18 and 27 must go to the army for two years. They must transfer to a new location and can rarely visit their parents while in service. In face, young army recruits can only see their family once a year for ten days, making that a total of twenty days in a span of two years.

Sobitov Sobitjon, a teenager who does not want to go to the army said, “I want to study in university, because in our family I’m [the only] boy.” Also he  stated that does not like being in the army especially due to its meals, clothes and living condition.

Another perspective from Vositov Azamjon, a Khujand teenager claimed, “I want to go to the army, however I cannot. I cannot, because I am [the only] boy in our family. Also I am not afraid of guns and bombs.”
Sharipov Loiqjon, senior lieutenant in Unit 3501 expressed his opinion that, “teenagers don’t want to go to the army, because they don’t like their country.” He clarified that to, “to live in the army is good, there are tasty meals three times a day.” Sharipov began his work in 2009, since he began working he claims no one had to return home with illness. “Everyone goes to the army for two years, because it is constitutional. The boys which come from the south can visit their parents 2 times 10 days each during 2 years.”

“We cannot know what the army will be like army in the future, but time will tell. We hope that in the future the army in Tajikistan will improve its meals and living conditions,” said student, Sobitjon.


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