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Students Push for Lacrosse Teams at School

BOSTON, U.S. -- Boston Latin School offers many spring sports for students, such as softball, baseball, track, and crew. But one sport the school doesn’t offer is lacrosse. Students have been pushing for a lacrosse team since 2001. In the last three years, they have had meetings with the athletic director and other school officials in order to get the ball rolling. But nothing has come from their work so far.

According to sophomore Michael Surdek, “A school official (who asked not to be named) said that there isn’t enough money in the budget to start a lacrosse team.” Surdek added that the only thing that would need to be covered by the school would be transportation to away games. The students would be willing to pay for this considering that they must pay 150 dollars to play for the Boston Bulldogs High School Lacrosse Club, which most of them are a part of now.

About 20 students from Boston Latin are part of the Bulldogs High School Lacrosse team. They play St. Sebastians, Roxbury Latin, Dexter, Buckingham Browne & Nichols and other high school teams around Boston. The Bulldogs finished last season with 6 wins and 9 losses, a record that is better than half of the sports teams at Boston Latin. According to Surdek, “We are going to continue to push for a team at school, but until then I am going to continue playing on the Bulldogs team with the other kids from Latin.”

The girls’ lacrosse team is facing the same budget issue as the boys' team. Around 15 girls from Boston Latin play for the Boston Metro Lacrosse League. Marykate Lampron, a junior, described the team as "a talented group of ladies." She added, "We work really well together which led to our 9-4-2 season last year and we are hoping to have another great season this year with a couple new players.”

When a poll was taken to ask students if they would support a lacrosse team at Boston Latin, all the participants said yes. A few of them said they would also donate funds to help out the teams. Eighth-grade student Hilary Rockett said, “Yes, I would support it. I think lacrosse is really cool!” Rockett plays basketball, soccer and softball at Boston Latin. Meghan Burns, a sophomore, said, “If you don’t play softball, baseball, crew or track, lacrosse would be a great fit for kids at our school looking to play a spring sport.”

With this support, student are hoping to bring lacrosse to Boston Latin soon.


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