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Sports Day in Tajikistan

On the June 5th, 2011 American Corner students organized a “Sports Day” in honor of Sharon Saternus. Sharon Saturnus, an English Language Fellow, lived in Khujand for  2 years. She taught  English Language at  Khujand State University her first year,  and at Tajik State University of Commerce her second year. During her 2 years she provided English discussions, TOEFL preparation classes, and donated many books to American Corner that can be used by English Language teachers. She also organized Sports Days at American Corner. On June 5th, Sharon Saternus particpated in her last Sports Day. She spent this occasion teaching Tajik youth how to throw an American football.

“Students are active and interested in American culture and are interested in studying in American programs. The students appreciate the discussions and activities provided by the American Corner in Khujand; and to organize sports day it’s important for youth to be active physically and learn team work,” said Ms. Saternus.

This year the president of Tajikistan declared that 2011 as the Year of Sport. Many organizations spend their weekends in the New Stadium, including American Corner in Khujand. American Corner students play soccer, volleyball, dodge-ball, Frisbee and learn how to throw an American football.

“We will organize the sports day 2 times a month and we try to attract people to sport and conduct a lot of competitions. I think it is interesting for youth,” said Madina Pulatova, Coordinator of American Corner in Khujand.

Many American Corner students think that to participate in sport is important for life in order to be healthy.
“Sport is the way that keeps people away from joblessness, crime and help them to have healthy life style. Especially youth today are prone to crime and diseases. If youth organize such kind of Sports Day than youth will be healthy, strong and busy with sport games. The style of young people will be in future brightly!” said Yulduz Mahbubova, a volunteer with American Corner in Khujand.

After Sports Day, American Corner students thanked Sharon for teaching and organizing Sports Days. The students also expressed that they would miss her.

“This Sports Day was the last day with Mr. Sharon and people have fun, take a pictures, and sing a


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