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Portrait of a Low-Income Family in Karachi, Pakistan

This is a low-income family in Karachi, Pakistan. The family has 5 members.

As the head of the family, Huzoor earns income for the family working as a carpenter.

Naseem is the wife and primary caregiver in the family.

Iqra is the baby and only daughter.

Kashif is the only son. Unlike many, Kashif does not earn income for the family and instead pursues his studies at the Government School. He is very intelligent and is first in his class.

Grandparents often live with families. Here sits Huzoor's mother.

The outside construction of their home.

Most meals are made on this make-shift charcoal stove.

Kashif, the eldest son, collects water in containers from wealthier neighbors. There are no public well's or water tanks available in their home or community..

Family bathroom.

Bedrooms are often shared amongst all family members.

Meals are taken communally utop this bed.

Naseem stays home to look after the youngest; while at home she supplements Huzoor's income by sewing clothes during the day.


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