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Ecuador Pegasuss Satellite suffers Collision

Last Wednesday May 22, 2013, Ecuador´s Space Agency revealed the possibilities that the new Pegasus satellite, the only Ecuadorian satellite which was launched on April 25, 2013 may suffer a collision with remains of a Soviet rocket, commonly known as Cosmos 1666, launched on July 8, 1985. These speculations were later confirmed by the same agency, but in the end there was only a side collision.

The Ecuadorian cosmonaut, Ronnie Nader reported via Twitter: “PEGASUS survived, it´s working but without guidance, we can´t grasp transmission, the challenge is to get his sign back”. Therefore, they can’t get information of the nano satellite until Monday May 27, 2013.

The nano satellite was built and assembled in Ecuador, which demanded $80.000 contributed by the private sector, and $700.000 provided by the government, for the launch, insurance, logistics and testing.
Nader also affirmed in a press conference that the nano satellite destruction will not bring negative economic consequences, because Pegasus is assured, both the value of its construction and its launch.

Ecuador also plans sending Krysaor, another nano satellite with similar characteristics to Pegasus, whose launch will be approximately in June, this time from Russia.


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